Pink Pewter Headbands

Pink Pewter Headbands

Pink Pewter began with one, clear-cut ambition: developing unique accessories inspired by the latest fashion trends. As a creative hairstylist, I was constantly coming across the same old hairstyles—the usual “in” looks that become well-worn after a brief period. I understood that, while fashion trends shifted at an exciting pace, hairstyles had a much longer lifespan which, after a short time, became ho-hum maintenance projects. But this inspired me to create a line of fashionable hair accessories that would not only transform and revitalize old looks in just minutes, but also keep pace with modern couture.

As someone in the beauty industry who’s worked as a stylist on the runway and for international performing artists,  I gained a unique perspective into the evolution and flow of trends, allowing me to develop a line of chic accessories designed to compliment a variety of looks and personalities. What began as a small collection of headbands and clips, quickly grew into a full line of accessories and jewelry products, as well as a booming business model that tracked and applied the latest trends to its products.

We meticulously keep up-to-date with the hottest fabrics, colors, cuts, and materials, resulting in stunning, original designs, which have become exceedingly popular among fashionable circles (including celebrities). And because of customers like you becoming key partners who help shape our strategy and ultimate success, Pink Pewter has become a reputable brand in the market place and continues to grow as a modern couture product, drawing in a host of young women and teens looking to stay in fashion.

Cares & Repairs:

We understand that with time your favorite jeans get a hole, or those shoes just can't keep up, and your Pink Pewter is no exception! 
Pink Pewter Cares & Repairs is here to offer you comfort that you and your customers will always be taken care of. 

This FREE program has been created to repair any Pink Pewter no matter how old she may be or when you purchased her.

It's simple: For returns, exchanges and /or repair options - contact us at with the following information:

  1. Business Name or the Business you purchased a Pink Pewter from

  2. Style name

  3. Short description of the problem

  4. Photo of the item

Our “Cares and Repairs” team will quickly respond with options on how we can help repair the item for you. We assure you that we will do what we can to repair it as best as possible. That’s it!

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