Happy Waxing Prepare Nourishing Oil 250ml

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Perfect home wax kit skin prepareation oil. Make your home waxing easy, comfortable, safe, and a fun experience! 

You can refill your Happy Waxing Kit today with this 250ml size of Prepare Nourishing Oil!  

Use this product sparingly before waxing and after waxing to remove any residue.

Use just a drop before and after waxing and enjoy:

  • Wax that sticks to hair not skin for comfy waxing
  • It only takes a drop or to so the bottle lasts a LONG time.
  • Makes skin feel soft and smooth!
  • Yummy soft scent. Some clients call it floral, other say it's like candy.
  • No icky ingredients. You won't find any Paraben or Gluten. It's Cruelty Free and a completely Vegan Formula
  • A brand you can trust!  Happy Waxing is made by Perron Rigot— the brand used by most professional waxers around the globe.

8.45 oz / 250 ml

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